LFT-Approach to abnormal findings

Routine finding when the GP sits down to review laboratory results. This review of abnormal liver function tests on A4Medicine incorporates the local guidance from Gwent gastroenterology to present a practical quick reference. LFT pattern ie hepatic or obstructive as described in textbooks is also mentioned to aid in management. The chart has been divided into individual channels like elevated bilirubin, mixed, raised alanine aminotransferase ( ALT ) and alkaline phosphatase. The clinician can have a quick glance on the liver screen and pick the tests based on clinical suspicion. The role of Gamma glutamyl transferase is in identifying the source of an elevated alkaline phosphatase. Please note that AST is added automatically in Gwent when an elevated AST is noted- other trusts across the UK may not follow this policy and you may have to request this specifically. The British Liver Trust is an invaluable resource for both patients and professionals – https://www.britishlivertrust.org.uk/

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