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Gynaecological cancers


Gynaecological cancers


Ovarian cancer-NICE recommends an urgent
 ( ie USC to be seen within 2 weeks ) referral 
if physical examination reveals
 ascites and / or a pelvic / abdominal mass
which is not obviously uterine fibroid

NICE recommends testing in primary care for ovarian cancer if a woman ( particularly over 50 ) reports having any of the following symptoms on a persistent or frequent basis – particularly more than 12 times/ month-persistent abdominal distension 
( women often refer to this as bloating ) feeling full ( early satiety ) and / or loss of appetite pelvic or abdominal pain increased urinary frequency and / or urgency

 weight loss fatigue changes in bowel habit-Women 50 or over who has experienced symptoms within last 12 months that suggest irritable bowel syndrome 
( IBS rarely presents for the first time in women of this age )-check Ca 125.CA 125 normal or ( ie less than 35 IU/ml ) or CA 125 of 35 IU/ml or greater but normal ultrasound.Assess carefully for other clinical causes of her symptoms and investigate if appropriate
 If no other clinical cause is apparent , advise to return if her symptoms become ↑ frequent and / or persistent

Endometrial cancer

Age 55 and over with post-menopausal bleeding. 

NICE gives a clear definition of PMB ” unexplained vaginal bleeding more than 12 months after menstruation has stopped because of menopause “
 Consider a USC referral ( for appt within 2 weeks ) in women aged under 55 with post-menopausal bleeding

Aged 55 and over –Unexplained symptoms of vaginal discharge who 

○ are presenting with these symptoms for the first time OR
○ have thrombocytosis OR
○ report haematuria OR
 Visible haematuria and 

○ low haemoglobin OR
○ thrombocytosis OR
○ high blood glucose levels-Consider -direct access* ultrasound scan to assess for endometrial cancer.Direct access* according to NICE is when a test is performed and primary care retain clinical responsibility throughout , including acting on result. Please mention -Direct access referral to r/o endometrial carcinoma clearly on the referral form.

Cervical cancer – Consider a USC ( appt within 2 weeks ) if on examination the appearance of their cervix is consistent with cervical cancer .

Vulval cancer-Consider a USC ( appt within 2 weeks ) in women 
with an unexplained vulval lump , ulceration or bleeding

Vaginal cancer-Consider a USC ( appt within 2 weeks ) in women with an unexplained palpable mass in or at the entrance of the vagina.

References Suspected cancer : recognition and referral NICE guideline NG 12 June 2015 Updated July 2017 NICE Pathways – ovarian cancer : detection in primary care

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