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Direct advertising on A4Medicine

  • The advert is displayed for longer and more likely to get noticed and make an impression
  • One advert is displayed on all pages across the website – this reinforces the visual impact and ensures guaranteed impression and raise product awareness
  • The advert does not flicker flash or change rapidly- aesthetically pleasing and non-intrusive
  • Unique drug repository for the user – an impression of any advert displayed on the website is maintained on the website for up to 6 months. This allows the user to quickly recall a product which he/ she may have intended to use in future.
  • Pre-agreed price, no bidding for the campaign, no hidden fee and campaign cost does not escalate
  • No complicated language, jargon, acronyms ( e.g DSP, SSP, API )
  • Performance metrics on demand
  • No binding contract
  • Targeted audience – exclusive opportunity to promote your product through one of the most popular and growing websites used by General Practitioners in the United Kingdom with minimum effort

We have developed a customized interface which is safe and easy to use. The interface demonstrates the position of the adverts and provides a preview. Payment can be made securely using PayPal®. If you have any questions please write at contact@a4medicine.co.uk


Step 1

Upload the advert in a compatible format –all commonly used formats can be used

Step 2

Choose the duration and complete payment using PayPal®

Step 3

All done-check the advert online once approved.We will do the rest