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This website is for healthcare professionals only. It is intended to make information accessible, simple to use and is fully referenced.

Aim-The objective is to cover a topic on one screen and streamline complex topics into easily comprehensible, lucid sections. One topic is covered in one A4 sized page – A4 Medicine.

When dealing with clinical situations we can sometimes have multiple sources of reliable information but accessing that is not always easy. This is where the A4Medicine project comes in to provide to the point practical reliable information which is quickly accessible. The guidelines are reviewed and presented as useful visuals which are concise, easy to use and practical.

The smart tiles ( units of information ) individually or inter-connectedly, allow information to flow smoothly. This empowers the charts to be focused and concise. The aim is to integrate pathophysiology with the disease process rather than treating them as separate entities.

This aids understanding and helps retain the information.

The topics are generally addressed in the following manner

  • Introduction / Background
  • Assessment ( Focused history and examination )
  • Management
  • Patient links or tools where applicable

Funding – the website has no external funding. This allows the author to present unbiased information without any exterior burden.

Target audience -The website is focused on the needs of the General Practitioner in the UK.

CPD Tracker- Once registered with the website, you can demonstrate CPD activity by using this section. The tracker records the pages that you have visited. This can be exported as an excel sheet. This information can be used for eg in the appraisal process.

Topics covered-This is an evolving project. You will notice that not all sections have been completed, this is a work in progress. As of December 2018 more than 180 common primary care topics have been reviewed.

About me –I have been working as a GP in South Wales for the last 8 years. Originally from India, I qualified as a doctor from Odessa and now live with my wife and two young children in Newport. My interest is in simplifying evolving technologies into practical usable and affordable medical tools which help in improving patient care.

Feedback-We encourage you to visit the site regularly to check for new topics. Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents are up-to-date and correct. We encourage you to write to us or leave a comment if you notice any discrepancy.

Hope you will enjoy and find this project useful – please tell your friends if so and if not tell us how to improve.



Dr Rahul Srivastava
MD Physician, MRCGP ( London )
Newport ( UK)
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